Helping Entrepreneurs and business owners succeed


Business Plan

Every successful company starts out as an idea in someones head. However, that idea needs to be made tangible by writing a thorough business plan which becomes a blueprint for execution. We can help you with all areas of creating a winning business plan. We can also assist in the development of a White Paper for those in the technology space.

Marketing & Sales

A great idea and detailed business plan can only get you so far. One important aspect of any successful business is being able to successfully target your customers and provide them with a service or product that they will gladly pay a fair price for. We can assist you in ramping up your marketing and sales production.


Entrepreneurs need access to capital whether it's their own or someone else's. Without capital it is nearly impossible to scale your business properly or maximize profitability. We can assist you in targeting the right type of investors to start your business, expand your operations, or possibly buy a competitor.  

Corporate Valuation

What is your business really worth? We can provide you with a fair market analysis of what your entity is likely worth based on a number of reliable financial factors.

M&A Analysis

Are you thinking about buying a competitor outright or a portion of his business? We can provide strategic analysis, due diligence, and discussion of financing methods. 

Franchise Evaluation

Have you wanted to own your own business but don't know where to start? Franchising may be right for you. We can discuss in detail the pros and cons of buying a franchise and talk about ways to maximize the probability of your success.